Wednesday 7 August 2019

Timesheets Late or Not at All...

If you have Timesheet Nightmares then allow New Dawn Timesheet Pop-Up to do the work for you, Install and run from the system tray or notifications area. New Dawn Timesheet Pop-Up will Pop-Up on the screen at set intervals and populate the time against jobs touched since the last pop-up. For a demonstration of Timesheets Pop-Up please follow the link to Request a Demo or take a look at more information here.

Wednesday 24 July 2019

Embrace Flexible Working

Recent changes to the flexible working regulations may mean more companies needing to embrace flexible working, so take a look at how Data Valley can help. Our systems can provide ERP management tools (Enterprise Resource Panning) - automating & facilitating the flow of data through your organisation. New Dawn gives access to critical data Anytime, Anywhere via a web browser. Talk to us on 07720 637095, see further information or Request a Demo.

Wednesday 10 July 2019

Account Revision Reporting

Do you need to know when key Purchase, Sales or Expense Account data is edited or changed? Speak to us about tagging key individuals for notification of edits to static data i.e. Account Name & Address, Currency, VAT Code, VAT Number, Bank Account Information, Credit Terms & Credit Limit. PLUS Reporting to track these edits, Contact Us on 08432 895865 to find out more about DVPlus.

Wednesday 26 June 2019

Budget vs Actuals

Its that time of the year again...
Your Nominal Budgets have just been finalised for the new financial year...
Why not look at importing them directly in DV to give you immediate access to Budget vs Actual reports. The ability to import your financial budgets from spreadsheets is now available & the reporting tools within this module allows you to compare budget to actual figures current month / YTD / prior year etc... How useful will this tool be for you?..... Contact us for more information on 08432 895865 or